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Pretty much going to update this at least once a day until we get a lot more people into the forum, pff. 

Still only have four members, so let's spread the word about this! Basically created it to be an advanced roleplayer haven where you can write to your heart's content in a more mature environment. No size limit for replies, we actually encourage it! Where's the fun in restricting the size of your replies when you have so much more to say? Remember, this is for advanced role players, so if you are struggling to meet the minimal requirements needed, then this isn't the place for you.

I did get some questions about making a character profile on there within the first seven days. Pretty much, if you submit a WIP of a character application, and I see you ACTIVELY working on it during your first seven days, then you'll be safe from getting kicked straight away. I know how crazy it is making a character profile, just look at Carth's on there. :iconpffplz:. You won't believe how many time I had to edit and rewrite it until I became mostly satisfied with it. xD Just meet the requirements and write as much as much as you can. You can always edit your profile some more overtime. Just remember that you can only use that character once a mod accepts the application (temporary and short term characters are exempt since every RP needs some fillers).

HOWEVER if you start a character WIP, and then you do nothing to it within the seven days of signing up, then that's when you'll be kicked straight away at the end of seven days. Also remember that there is a BIG difference between reply size and QUALITY. This is a site for advanced roleplayers, and if I feel you might be struggling, then I'll excuse you from the forum. It's like skipping over an intro level class to get into the most advanced ones even though you have no idea what you are doing.

If Sora isn't for you, but you still love to roleplay, check out and go to their forums. It's where I started RPing around 9 years ago and the huge variety over there helped me to become the type of writer I am today. Fun place, huge variety of RPs for any level and type, and you might meet an RP buddy that'll stick with you for a long time *super hugs my RP buddy of 9 years*

(sorry it's not about how to prepare a Krabby Patty)

So you all might remember a while ago how I mentioned I was working on a super secret project that might have been hinted at on certain deviations?



This forum is an open sandbox RP for literate role players using original characters of any shape and size. We supply the basics of this imaginary, mythical world, and then you, the writer, have the freedom to shape and form the land however you want in order to tell your story. You're free to imagine whatever you'd like so long as it doesn't affect other role plays. Share ideas with other members, make new friends, create characters, landmarks, myths, a world of perfection or chaos... the choice is yours! 

Let the stories begin!


This site was created after my long time RP partner and I were talking about certain things we wanted to do with our role plays, but didn't want to break any rules on the website we were roleplaying on. My friend and I like to go super intense and graphic when it comes to our RPs (high fantasy yo) and with the site we were on we didn't want any kids to stumble on our RPs and report us. Yeah we could have done private messages, but we enjoy sharing our stories to others (that and the private messaging thing didn't work as nicely as we wanted it to). Writing is my passion and I've been doing it wayyyyy longer then I have with drawing, so I wanted to create a site where literate and advanced writers could hang out and push their imaginations to the limits.

Told you's that it's not something to get too excited about, since I'm advertising this on an art website that deals with visuals more then stories. :iconbubblehehplz:

This is NOT a site for beginners. 

The minimum requirement we have for post length is 4 paragraphs (that's 5 sentences minimum per paragraph). We also require that you have at least one character application sheet with the required information within 7 days. On the 8th day if you do not have a character application sheet up, your account will be deleted, this also goes for your writing level. These creatures, characters, and cities can be as unique as you want them to be, but take note on what kind of characters you create and use, for if the majority has problems with them, your character will have to be either deleted or revamped, and failure to do so after a while will result in a warning. The members and staff both have a say on who should stay and who should go with the two top administrators having the final decision. Just know that if a lot of people don't like you, and staff can see why, then you'll be booted. We ain't got no time for drama:iconmhmmplz:

Although this site is unrated, we still want maturity! Don't abuse it or our trust. Again, if you're causing any problems, you will either be given warnings or booted. If you look through our Rules and Regulations you'll see we have a rating system that you must put in your threads' title so people don't read something they'll regret (ratings from E to AO). If you read a role play and it disturbed you, then that's your fault for ignoring the warning and reading it anyway. If you join a role play of a certain rating, then you must obey the rating restrictions. No XXX scenes in an E rated thread. We also have a thing called "Set in Stone" where if a Role Play has this in their first post, that means only the people mentioned can post in that thread. Others can read it, but no touchy. 

No video game nor movie adapted characters/creatures/locations from franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, How To Train Your Dragon, Transformers, etc. etc.. You can use species you have bought or were given from other artists/writers, but we need to see proof. NO USING ANOTHER PERSON’S CHARACTER UNLESS YOU HAVE PROOF OF PERMISSION. Stealing someone’s character will result in an automatic ban; we don’t tolerate thieves and trolls. This is a place for original characters only.

Soooooooo... yeah! This is what I've been working on off and on this entire summer when I was either too unmotivated to draw or was so bored I needed something to do. It's not much at the moment since I still want to add art and such to it (can't draw now because of school), but I also want to give it a bit of a test run just to see how well and smoothly things go along. Never did something this big before, so I'll have to see how it goes. xD

Just understand that us Mods can't role play with everyone. I can barely balance three characters with a few more side characters used for story purposes only. So bring some friends! Give a shout out! Spread this journal to the far reaches of the glitchy DA universe. Depending on how things go, I might do a restrictive registration that has people who are signing up type up the four paragraph minimum requirement or show another example just to ensure and weed out beginner writers and potential trolls/spammers. That might be a bit of a challenge though because of school getting in the way'n'all. Now begins the nervous wreck of what'll happen. xD

Any questions or concerns before joining? Just ask below!

Make sure you read all the rules and such before signing up.

We also have a DA group that only members of Sora can join to showcase their artwork and the like (needs a better banner pff).

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